What do we believe?
At Diamond Pointe Properties we believe that every
individual is special in God’s eyes. Our Creator deeply
cares for each one of us in ways that we can not begin to
understand. His love for His creation propelled Him to send
His one and only Son, Jesus, to suffer and die on the cross
for our sins. And, on the third day, Jesus rose from the
grave to give us the opportunity to live in His presence
Jesus provides a free gift to each one of us. He offers each
one of us the opportunity to live a life of peace and purpose
here on earth, and the assurance that we will live forever in
Heaven in His presence. It begins with a relationship with
Jesus Christ.

Would you like to be closer to God? It is possible
through Jesus. Jesus came and died that we may have a
relationship with our Creator. To experience what Jesus
offers, you have to give your life to Him. The Bible calls this
salvation. Sin keeps us from the relationship God wants to
have with us. On your own, you cannot be good enough to
get to God or into Heaven. There is no way to ‘earn’ Heaven
or the life Jesus offers. But, the Bible tells us that we do not
have to earn salvation; it is a free gift given to all who

To give your life to Jesus, pray this prayer:
“ Dear Jesus, I need You in my life. I want a relationship
with You. I know You died on a cross for me in order to take
my sins away. I give my life to You. Thank You, Jesus, for
saving me. Amen”  
If you have prayed this prayer, you have begun your
relationship with Jesus Christ, just as He promises in His
word, the Bible. You have taken the first step on an
incredible spiritual journey.

Scripture references
God Loves You:   John 3:16   Romans 5:8
All People Disappoint God:  Romans 3:23   Romans 3:10
God Provides A Way To Him:  Romans 6:23  John 1:12 1
Corinthians 14:3-4
What We Must Do:  Revelation 3:20  Romans 10:9-13

Accepting Christ is just the beginning of a wonderful
adventure with God! Get to know Him better in a number of

Follow Christ's example in baptism.
~ Join a church where you can worship God and grow in your faith.
~ In your church, get involved in Sunday School and Bible study.
~ Begin a daily personal worship experience with God where you study    
the Bible and pray.