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Waterfront Properties including Plats and Prices
Diamond Pointe Properties specializes in bringing you great deals on
waterfront property. We have beautiful lakefront property in SC. We also
have unbelievable oceanfront property in the US Virgin Islands. We are not
realtors. We are real estate developers specializing in waterfront property.
This waterfront property is located in some of the most beautiful places in
the world. We also have waterfront homes for sale. If you are looking for
the perfect waterfront property, lakefront property or oceanfront property
whether it is for  retirement, a second home, or a waterfront investment
opportunity, your search is over. Diamond Pointe is committed to bringing
you extraordinary deals on waterfront property. We have extensive
inventory to choose from with lakefront lots and oceanfront lots. We have
adopted the business strategy of selling our lakefront property and
oceanfront property at wholesale prices. This means instead of taking four
to five years to sell out a subdivision we want to sell out in less than 12 to
24 months. How do we do it?  We would like to pat ourselves on the back
and say it's because we are such great sales people, but we know better.
The truth is we have been blessed with Great Properties at Great Prices.
We would love to take you on the lakes on a pontoon boat or take a trip
with us over to the Caribbean to see our lots in the United States Virgin
Estate Sized
on a
Private Lake

Lot #9 Osprey Pointe
at Mountain Lakes
Near Chester SC